National Championships 2014.


This year's national championships in Serbian Military Fencing took place on the 11th of May in Belgrade. The competition was held in the central salle of the All Serbia Federation of Serbian Military Fencing. This year's championships was organized in two disciplines - in cutting with the infantry saber and in the forms of military fencing (prearranged forms performed by two persons). The referees this year were: Mr. Dejan Damnjanovic, Mr. Goran Cankovic and Mr. Dejan Ilic.

The winners of the cutting competition for men:
1. Djordje Stojsic
2. Bojan Ivkovic
3. Petar Kostadinovic
4. Miodrag Nikcevic

The winners of the cutting competition for ladies:
1. Sofija Bjegovic
2. Ksenija Sinzar
3. Danijela Pavlovic
4. Marija Vuckovic

The winners in the forms competition:
1. Sofija Bjegovic / Vuk Damnjanovic
2. Bojan Ivkovic / Filip Sakan
3. Ksenija Sinzar / Petar Kostadinovic

Ms Sofija Bjegovic made the most important succes on this year's championships by taking the first place in both disciplines. This young lady's performance earned almost equal best marks of the three referees. Mr. Djordje Stojsic also demonstrated an excellent skill which is a result of his long experience and training under most important authorities of military fencing both in Europe and Japan.
The epilogue of the championships was the traditional coctail which was the frame for a stimulative conversation accompanied by the freezing white vine and strawberries.

Competitors and referees

Competitors and referees