About us

All Serbia Federation of Serbian Military Fencing is an organisation founded in 2014. In Belgrade with the idea of development of Serbian Military Fencing (or: Damnjanovic Fencing System, which is the other name of the art). The federation gathers the clubs and sections of Serbian Military Fencing from Serbia, but also from other Serbian ethnic areas, like Kosovo and Metohija and Republia Srpska.

Serbian Military Fencing is a reformed system founded by Serbian fencer, Mr. Dejan Damnjanovic, after several years of research on the fencing didactics of the Serbian Royal Army from the period prior to 1918 (Serbian Military Fencing). Mr. Damnjanovic, a head coach of Lokomotiva fencing club from Belgrade and a president of Iaido and Battodo federation of Serbia conducted his research through the Archive of Serbia as well as through the Military Archive. The result of this work was a reformed system of Serbian military use of saber in close combat. At first, the system was practiced as a section of Lokomotiva sport fencing club. Gradually, as the population of practitioners increased and new study groups and sections were formed, the necessity of creation of an organisation which would coordinate these groups appeared as a necessity. The result of this process is the All Serbia Federation of Serbian Military Fencing.

The clubs which participated in the foundation of All Serbia federation of Military Fencing are: Lokomotiva from Belgrade, Vitezovi from Kosovska Mitrovica, as well as many individuals to whom we are grateful.

President of All Serbia Federation of Serbian Military fencing is Mr. Dejan Damnjanovic.