Dejan Damnjanović

Mr Dejan Damnjanović is the coach of Lokomotiva FC. He started with fencing in Železničar FC from Belgrade in 1994, under the famous Serbian fencing teacher, Mr Ljubomir Savić. Mr Damnjanović was a member and competitor of BMK from Belgrade for several years before joining Lokomotiva FC. The most important fencing teachers of Mr Damnjanović were Mr Ljubomir Savić and Mr Aleksandar Vasin.

Besides olympic fencing, Mr Damnjanović is ranked in several Japanese sword arts - Battodo (5. dan), Iaido (3. dan) and Kendo (2. dan). He is a president of Iaido and Battodo Federation of Serbia, as well as the initiator of the reform of the military saber system of the Serbian Royal Army from the period prior to 1918 (Serbian Military Fencing).